2013 Truck Calendar

Do you love trucks? Have a truck mad relative? This 2013 Truck Calendar has 12 great pictures of big trucks, firetrucks, diggers, tractors, bulldozers, road rollers, cement mixers, excavators. Once you have used this truck calendar you can frame the individual prints! For more fabulous Truck gifts, please visit Paul Stickland's TruckStore!

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Flowers Black And White Photography 2013 Calendar

A collection of my flower images in black and white photography 2013 calendar. All images are available on many cards, prints, and products in my store. Contact me with any design questions or requests. Please visit Smilin' Eyes Treasures to see more flower, animal, nature, and digital art design cards and gifts for your home or office.
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Owl Calendar 2013

Owl calendar for 2013 with 12 original color photos of wild owls in their natural environments. Owl pictures include photos of Great Horned Owls, Barred Owls, Snowy Owls, and a Short-Eared Owl in flight. There are several pictures of baby owls too (all great horned owls). Owls fascinate us all and you'll love these closeup pictures of our wise feathered friends!

product tags: owls, owl, great horned owl, barred owl, snowy owl, bird, nature, owl pictures, owl photos, calendars,

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Wine calendar 2013

Wine compositions on original photographs of 12 months calendar.

product tags: wine, drink, grapevine, grapes, barell, 2013, glass, wineglass, grape, still, life, composition, vineyard, moravia, italy, italian, alcohol, branch, leaf, leaves, beverages, cluster, green, plants, table, cellar, miiisha, calendars,

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Dutch Harbor Crab Boats 2012 Wall Calendar

This is the 2012 Crab Boats of Dutch Harbor, Alaska calendar, featuring the Early Dawn on the cover. This calendar offers 12 full images of crab fishing vessels for the 12 months of the year. Dutch Harbor, Alaska has been the hub of the Bering Sea fisheries since the early 1960's. The crab fishing boats which work out of the port of Dutch Harbor fish for bairdi, opilio and king crab in the Bering Sea. Other boats featured in the calendar are the Silver Dolphin, the Amatuli, the Wizard, the Kirsten Marie, the Bulldog, the Sea Venture, the Pacific Sun, the Bristol Mariner, the Cascade Mariner, the Bering Sea, the Aleutian No. 1, and the Viking Queen. Fun facts about the crab boats in this calendar: The Early Dawn, featured on the cover was originally a royal blue color, but was painted black a few years ago. The Aleutian No. 1 originally was a white with red, white and blue trim, but it now has a black hull as well. The Bulldog was once a part of the “Dog Fleet”, which included the Airedale, the Retriever, and the Labrador. The back cover has an image of the Kirsten Marie. All of these commercial fishing vessels work out of Dutch Harbor and these photographs were taken on location.
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(2013 Fairy Tale Art Calendar) Philippe Fernandez

The original works of the Artist Philippe A. Fernandez have been crafted over many countless hours and employ the universal concepts of youth with the co-existence of dark and light. This invokes a starkness and somewhat foreboding look and feel that lends itself to storytelling. The products found here at Zazzle are extensions of his original acrylic paintings. For more information about the artist Philippe Fernandez, and his paintings please visit: (Gallery Page) at www.FairyTaleBuzz.com
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Cat Calendar

This is the calendar of Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana. He is large, black Dominican cat who lives in Brooklyn with his two humans, a tiny terrace, and the wide open rooftops, which are his kingdom He cannot roar, but he can say Eep! http://www.estorboloco.blogspot.com

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