Grape Vine Wine Bottle Shipping Labels

A grapevine with four clusters of wine grapes align along the left side of this label. The grapevine snakes behind the grapes against a parchment background. A great label to use on a special gift of wine or at a wedding. Available with matching products as well as a horizontal orientation. Grape Vine Wine Bottle Horizontal by starstreambusiness Find more Grapes Labels at Zazzle Grape Vine Business Card by starstreambusinessBrowse other Grapes Business Cards Grapevine Promotional Shirt by starstreambusinessmake your own custom t-shirt at zazzle Grapevine Promotional Magnet by starstreambusinessStart selling my art online with zazzle. Grapevine Event Card by starstreambusinessSee other Grapes Cards Grapevine Promotional Cork Coaster by starstreambusinessView more coaster designs from Zazzle. Grape Vine Return Address Label by starstreambusinessView other shipping labels on zazzle Grapevine Wine Tasting Event Plaque by starstreambusinessSee other Drink Plaques Grapevine Wine Tasting Party Invitation by starstreamdesigndesign an announcement online at zazzle

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