"Handmade By" – SRF Business Card

I have a great variety of Handmade / Fashion / Seamstress / Crafter / Cooking … and general Enclosure Cards, because I love creating them (and have been doing so on Zazzle for a few years now). I first had the idea to do these on business cards as presents for my friends. Now, I have more ideas than time for them ! Any of these can be customized as business cards as can Business Cards be customized as Gift Cards / Tags, etc…. : ) That's the fun of Zazzle. Pick your paper stock. Do read about them all. I use indestructible on mine. Have fun, and please return often (and do via my link to help my art students please: www.zazzle.com/sharonrhea*). Thank You, Sharon Rhea Ford, NBCT-Art

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