Pink Black Silver Glitter LOOK Zebra Wall Decal

This chic and trendy customizable wall decal has hot pink faux glitter (PRINTED) and black zebra print animal stripes with a polka dots pattern and silver faux glitter (PRINTED) butterflies, stars, hearts, and a funky flower, with text boxes to put a name and other text (room, rocks, etc.) on it that will appeal to a modern, young girl. You can select from 3 sizes. Everything will print as you see it on your monitor, so if you need help customizing your text, or if you would like it in another color combination, please email BEFORE you order.

product tags: custom, customized, decor, personalized, pink, polka dots, striped, zebra, animal, glittery, black, girly, trendy, butterflies, stars, flower, hearts, name, chic,