Zazzle BBcoder (forum tool)

This Tool is retired, you can use Zazzle Affiliate Helper to get bbcodes of multiple products even easier.

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This forum bookmarklet tool helps you to retrieve the promotion codes of your product quickly and easily.  Rather than copying and pasting the product image and image URL links back and forth from the product page to the forum post,  you can easily retrieve your codes in a single click and in  a desired format(i.e. BBcode) – ready for use in your post. This tool works under the following browsers. (Sorry, not for IE)
working for these browsers
Why I create Zazzle BBcoder?

As a Zazzle shop keeper, I think it’s always a good idea to share our designs on the Zazzle forums, regardless of whether we want our products to be promoted or reviewed.  However, I find it tedious and annoying to copy and paste information when trying to retrieve promotion codes from my product page.

Is there a forum tool already out there to eliminate this tedious process?

Through a Google search, I  found some Html to BBcode converter tools.Despite their innovativeness, they did not suit my needs. I then came across a Flickr bookmarklet tool, which I found  useful and closer to what I was looking for. Although I am not a programmer by profession, I was able  to put codes together successfully after an afternoon’s work.  Here is the code:


If you are using Firefox or Chrome, simply drag this link below directly to your browser toolbar.

Zazzle BBcoderdrag it

How to use it?

Visit your product page and click “Zazzle BBcoder” on your toolbar, where  you’ll find your promotion codes displayed in the message box.

If you’re using Firefox or Safari, select the text and copy it(ctrl+c), which you can  use in your forum post.
If you’re using Chrome, simply copy it(ctrl+c) – there’s no need to select the message texts.
Once you obtain your promotion codes, you can revise it as desired. BBcode Tips

Hope this helps.


PS: If a delay occurs when you click the button, wait a few seconds and try again since it takes longer time to load some components :)

14 thoughts on “Zazzle BBcoder (forum tool)

  1. Hello, there. First of all, lovely site and tons of awesome resources for Zazzlers.

    Second, I’m having a bit of trouble with the BBCoder. I’m using Safari for Windows, it’s in my bookmark bar. I click it, the right stuff pops up but I can’t select it to copy it. It doesn’t highlight and I checked, it doesn’t copy either. Help?

    PS, if you can help me get this working for my browser I’d love to give your site and resources a huge promo on my site which will also go to FB, Twitter, and Tumblr.

    • Hi Neko,

      Thanks for your feedback, I googled it and found there is a security limitation of Safari, people are not allowed to copy the popup information into clipboard, so I make another bookmarklet for it, not perfect but I think it’ll be workable.

      Try this new tool:
      Zazzle BBcoder(Safari)drag it

      Let me know if there is still a problem.

      • Works! 😀 Thank you so much, this will save my wrist endless hours of extra clicking.

        Two things: You may want to make a note for other Safari installers that they’ll want to copy the link location and manually input it into their bookmarks bar else (if you click and drag it up there) it tries to save it as two different bits of code.
        Secondly, I donated a Tweet and I’d love to do a promo for this and your whole site on my site (if that’s okay?) is there a way I can get this version with my ref code in it? [238635165492911078]

        • Please try the Pro again, I’ve added another scripts for Safari users.
          And, thanks for your suggestions and promotions 😀

  2. Thanks so much for this wonderful tool. Works perfectly for me and saves much clicking. Very grateful!

  3. Thank you so much–I didn’t understand that the browsers worked differently (safari user)!

  4. I didn’t understand your bit about personalizing the bbcoder you so kindly provided for us. I know how to add my referral code by hand – is there a way to get my referral code into the bbcoder you had us put on our toolbar?
    Thanks so much,

    • OK. I figured out how to get the personalized code and tweeted. However, my main computer went kaput and on this old notebook size computer I can’t scroll down to add my referral ID.

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