Happy Birth Mother's Day Card

Birth mom created Unique adoption Gifts: http://zazzle.com/birthmoms* email: info@birthmommissions.com http://facebook.com/adoptionsupport Changing the face of adoption, Cherishing life, & Supporting women… one birth mom at a time!! Birth mom, first mom, or any mom u like to be called! This page is for YOU to share, give & get support. BE yourself! Also for anyone who supports Birth Moms & cares!
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Taiwan Map Sticker

Beautiful Taiwan map design features a colorful map of the Republic of China showing the political divisions (includes the outer islands) and with the capital city, Taipei, highlighted. The traditional Chinese characters for Taiwan are included on the map. A unique Taiwan adoption gift, or present for Taiwanese family members. Designed by Hendrika of www.RedThreadMaps.com

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Rescue Kitties Calendar – New for 2013!

New For 2013 = Rescue Kitties Calendar All the kitties you find within this calendar are rescue babies from Orlando Florida – and all the Artist Commission for the sale of all the calendars (and all Cats Eye View Gifts) will be donated to a local Not For Profit No Kill Rescue Organization in Orlando Florida. So, please, enjoy the photos, enjoy your year, and enjoy knowing you are helping to put kitty food on the table, litter in the boxes, and medicine where it needs to go. Thank You! And A wonderful year to you!
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