Rarebird T-Shirt

Rarebird t-shirt for the fans of this Milwaukee Celtic/Folk band, featuring a drawing by Susan M. Edgerton of a bird in a bikini drinking a mai tia while sitting in a chair on the beach.

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Black Watch Tartan Wedding Table Number Card

Two “ribbons” of Black Watch Scottish tartan with a silver effect Celtic badge and Celtic knot emblem decorate the front of this Wedding Reception Table Number Card. The inside has template fields for the names of the Bride and Groom and the date of the Wedding. Can also be customized for other occassions such as Burns Suppers and St Andrews Day celebrations. Part of a co-ordinating Wedding range. Other tartans available in store and upon request.
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Celtic Trinity Shield iPhone 4 Cases

This is not meant to be a true representation of the traditional Celtic shield, which was ovoid and usually made of brass or bronze. This is my decorative interpretation of a Celtic shield, with Trinity knot and Celtic knot decorative inlays.
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Orange Contemporary Salon & Sp Business Card Template

A really nice contemporary patterened business card for any professional business. Would be great for a salon, nail,massage therapy, or just the beeauty industry in general. Any of the text can be customized by you! If you have any trouble please message me & I will be more than happy to help you!
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Scotland Tee Shirts


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Celtic Cross Personalised 1inch Binder

1.5 Inch version of this binder here 2 Inch version of this binder here Make sure you change the text on thisThis is a printed image on a vynyl binderA unique original design celtic cross or crusifix in gold and copper inlaid on leather, with personalised text. I worked some Ichthys (fish) into the knotwork, and finished with borders of celtic knotwork all inlaid on a leather look background. Make this binder folder into a photo or keepsake album, or a scrapbook for memories of a special occasion like a wedding or the year that was. It would make a unique visitor or guest book, And of course great looks for school or study. The celtic cross symbol is derived from the latin crucifix or cross but has a circle surrounding the center. Legend has it that St Patrick drew a latin cross on circular celtic stones that the druids used for worship in an attempt to draw the druids to christianity. The interlaced knotwork remains on modern versions to retain the celtic art spirit and tradition. Generaly the interlaced knotwork is a symbol of the crossing and spiritual paths of life and the never ending paths, represents the never ending paths of our lives. This design is of course a great inspirational gift or buy for the devout, the religious, and the celtic, elements also make it great for the celt,wiccan,wicca,pagan,neopagan,gothic or metal fan.
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