"Wolf Countess" Mousepad

Wolf Countess – another one of my favourites! Part of my “Wolves” series, this features an aristocratic girl (possibly a werewolf? a lycan? a vampire?) walking down the crumbling staircase of her ancestral home with her wolf protector. I love wolves! My own original acrylic painting.
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"Sienna Dragonling" Magnet

Part of my Dragonlings series – faeries with baby dragons – Sienna Dragonling is painted in lovely earth tones and (appropriately enough) siennas, ochres and browns. She appears softly lit, and thoughtful. My own original acrylic painting.

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Kali – Hindu Goddess Shirt

Kali! There is a lot of colour squeezed into this one! I've long been fascinated with Hindu artwork – devotional images of the beautiful gods and goddesses with their mysterious blue skin used to intrigue me as a child. Kali – possibly my favourite – an incarnation of the mother goddess – but a VERY powerful force to be reckoned with! She's often depicted with severed heads, wreaking her vengence on those who cross her…. I've taken a more subtle approach and have given her a garland of skulls. I've portrayed her in the traditional Daksinakali dancing pose, and this REALLY is a beautiful painting. REMEMBER – you can make this shirt for men/women/children/babies or make it long sleeved or a Tshirt or a tanktop – and even change the colour! All you need to do is click the “Select a Different Shirt Style” link by the sizing options – customize it just how you like it! It does look best either as shown, or in the dark solid colours, or in black, or in white. All shirts are available up to adults size 6X – just scroll through the Shirt Style options for your style choices in extended sizes!
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