Country Western Rustic Save the Date Post card

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Rustic Barn Wall Made of Old Wooden Brown Planks Post Card

This picture features elegant faux oak plank wood look design in shades of rich dark and light brown with a distressed aged finish appearance. Rough, vintage, rustic and simple design that features weathered, oil-rubbed oak plank wood-look pattern, in a country western style. Beautiful image with a closeup photo of a old barn wooden wall. This weathered image features rustic photography of old fashioned wooden barks from a pioneer style house. A sepia tone has been added to enhance the rustic feeling. Brown wood that is distressed and chipping pattern that looks great! A barn is an agricultural (agriculture) building used for storage and as a covered workplace. It may sometimes be used to house livestock or to store farming vehicles and equipment. Barns are most commonly found on a farm or former farm. You can customize this product by adding your own text, images or graphic. A person who loves the rustic and rural will enjoy in this unique and quirky gift. Knotty oak wooden boards makes a great gift for the wood lover or woodworker in your life! You may also like: Other wood gifts by sitnica View more gifts at Zazzle.
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