Cute Best Friends Owls Keychains

Best friends forever or BFF is a close friendship typical of teenage and young women (sometimes young men). Such relationships are common in high school but, rather than lasting forever, tend to deteriorate when the parties go to college. There are situations when such relationships develop in work environments even though, on occasions, one of the members decides to leave and embark upon new professional challenges. Credit: Wikipedia This item is fully customizable, you may add your name or quote if you wish, just click on customize it button and have fun. Created using artwork by Trina Clark.
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Owl Calendar 2013

Owl calendar for 2013 with 12 original color photos of wild owls in their natural environments. Owl pictures include photos of Great Horned Owls, Barred Owls, Snowy Owls, and a Short-Eared Owl in flight. There are several pictures of baby owls too (all great horned owls). Owls fascinate us all and you'll love these closeup pictures of our wise feathered friends!

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