I Love You (30 Languages) Greeting Cards

Valentine's Day or Anniversary Card that says “I Love You” in 30 different languages. Feel free to change the message or the greeting to suit your own needs or occasion.Languages are: English, French (Je t'aime), Spanish (Te amo), Tagalog (Mahal kita), Chinese, Italian (Ti amo), Japanese, Hebrew, Yoruba (Mo ni fe), German, Portugese, Arabic, Korean, Swedish, Hawaiian, Polish, Thai, Swahili, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Russian, Afrikaans, Catalan, Romanian, Latvian, Ndebele, Gaelic, Slovak and Czech.
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Spa Party Favor Sticker

Matches our cute African American Kids Spa Party Birthday Invitation. Features girls getting their manis and pedis with sparkly nail polish. Kids Spa Birthday Party African American Custom Announcement by eventfulcards Spa Birthday Party Thank You Card by eventfulcards

product tags: party, birthday, girls, spa, manicure, nail, polish, pink, salon, african american, stickers,

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