Victorian High Wheel Bicycles Square Sticker

Antique High Wheeler Penny Farthing Bicycles What a wonderful illustration, just perfect for a beautiful gift, especially for old fashioned bicycle lovers. The illustration was done in the mid-1880s and used in tobacco advertising. The two men are in a bicycle race, and wear brightly colored racing togs, red and blue. About the Penny Farthing Bicycle The High Wheel bicycle was popular in the latter half of the 1800s, a most dangerous bicycle! Mounting a penny farthing bicycle requires quite a bit of skill. You have to place one foot on a peg just above the back wheel, and then you grab hold of the handlebar. Then, pull up and lift yourself into the saddle. Needless to say, these high wheel bicycles had a lot of accidents because of their high center of gravity and an inverted pendulum effect. Sudden stops and potholes often sent their riders hurling face-first, over the handlebars. Please see more beautiful Victorian illustrated gifts at
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Baby Photo Sticker Monogram Personalized

Baby Photo Sticker Monogram Personalized. Add your own baby photo and monogram, initials. Pink floral frame for your photo and cute pink polka dots on yellow background. PERSONALIZATION – Click on “Customize it!”, than change the default letter to yours. – Click on “Customize it!”, than change the baby photo to yours. – Recommended baby image size: 900×900 pixels at high resolution (300 dpi) – Basically the bigger, the better! There are matching items for this sticker in my shop! Search for “pinkflora” or Click here: Pink Flora. Thank you!:)
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Licorice Allsorts Round Stickers

Illustration of some tasty liquorice allsorts candy sweets. Image available on various gifts and products.

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