Bald Eagle and American Flag Postcard

The Bald Eagle is America's symbol for freedom. We often add the Bald Eagle with the American flag in the background. Here is a drawing for this magnificent bird. Find more eagles under my main shop Sandyspider Gifts: Eagles. Contact me if you would like a custom-made product just for you. Or something different with one of the product types. See my other shops here at: Sandyspider Gifts Funnyjokes Shop AtoZunme Gifts
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3 Blue Honu Turtles Mousepad

The Hawaiian Sea Turtle is a symbol of peace, good luck, and the spirit within. It is based on the Hawaiian legend of Kauila, a green sea turtle that could change into a girl and watch over the children of Hawaii. This is 3 blue honu designs with a hibiscus cutout and bubbles.
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Infinity – T-shirt

Infinity Symbol design – great for students, mathematicians, math/science teachers, professors, researchers or for all you scientist types out there!

product tags: how big is infinity, infinite, infinity, symbol, cool, awesome, unique, math, mathematics, philosophy, logic, motivational, inspirational, school, back to school, weird, chic, nerd, geek, bestseller, best selling, colleges, universities,

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Nucular Atomics! Stickers

Scientific, futuristic, scientistical, Nucular Atomics is at the core of the nuclear age! You, too, can be at that core, fused with it, if you will, in any of these fine garments and accessories, adorned with these fine, distressed, grungy symbols of the nucular atom! It's fashion with fusion! B/W or harvest gold graphics, on t-shirts, buttons, stickers, gifts.
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OM Symbol Tshirt

Art of Om Symbol always stays in style! Om, Aum, Ohm is a holy meditation symbol. The OM symbolism conveys a reverence for life, an honour for creation and an understanding of the divine motion of the Universe. Stay comfortable while walking, jogging, or hanging out outside, keep Om close to your heart.

product tags: design, ohm, symbol, faith, inspirational, graphic, meditation, peace, saraswati, aum, religious,

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