Leopard Print & White Hair Salon Tools Business Cards

Simply chic white and leopard print business card – perfect for a hair salon, spa, boutique, hairdresser or supply shop. Customize with your own text for a perfectly personalized card that will grab your clients' attention! {{name:’prefetchDelay’,value:2000}5}
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Basketball Stamp

Basketball Stamp, Basketball Court with basketball. Sports photography. AssetID: 122635546 / {name:’conversionFeeDialog’,mode:’alertCustom’,state:’info’}0 / Basketball

product tags: basketball, line, tools, built structure, sport, horizontal, indoors, track and field, court, gym, brown, sphere, color image, mental image, shipway, ball, mental representation, rules of basketball, wellhead, basketball court, nonsolid colour, team sport, dithered color, backboard, dithered colour, field goal, supporting structure, 3 point line, superstructure, passing, sports stadium, traveling, b, stamps,

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Metal Business Card II -silver-

Metal business card See more metal style business cards.Click on the “customize it” button above to change font type, color, size and rearrange subject lines to fit your needs. HINT – Try it on the “gold” card for a different look. Metal Business Card 2.0 -silver by JoyOfLife Metal Business Card II by JoyOfLife Graphic Metal Business Card template by JoyOfLife Metal with Teal Cutout Circles business card by JoyOfLife
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Gray & Black Salon Tools Vertical Business Card Templates

A chic & stylish business card that will definitely get attention… simply customize with your own info! Need a different color combo or help with your design? Just drop me an email at mel@creativemel.com … I'd love to help!
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Handyman Business Card

If you are a handyman or own a construction company, then this customized elegant business card is perfect for you! Just simply change the texts to put your business name, contacts, address…etc.I’ve chosen the “White Standard” stock (which is a very good quality), however, you can always pick other premium or luxury kinds. Remember that the more you buy, the more you save! For example: 200 Business Cards: You pay $40.96 (instead of $47.9) Saving $3.47 per 100.500 Business Cards: You pay $89.95 (instead of $119.75) Saving $5.96 per 100.1000 Business Cards: You pay $150.00 (instead of $239.5) Saving $8.95 per 100. To know more about savings, please look at the bulk section.Here are some tips, please read:1) If you want to change the color of any text, the size or the font style… just simply click on the “Customize it” button.2) If you want to add or delete words, you can still do so by through “Customize it”.3) You can also move the texts up/down, right/left by dragging them to the direction you want with “Cusomize it”.4) If you have your own logo and would like to include it, just go to “add images” button and put it where it belongs.5) This business card is TWO-SIDED without any additional charge. So enjoy the back side of your card for free!6) If it’s hard to customize your business card, or if there is something else you want to add or change and need some help, don’t worry! You can simply contact me and i’d be happy to help. Just click on where you see “Contact” under my name “all_items” and icon, and leave me a message.

product tags: construction, handyman, handymen, repairman, repairmen, repair man, electrician, plumber, carpenter, tools, constructions, contractor, contractors, home, electrical, electric, electricians, painting, remodeling, carpentry, roofing, modern, commercial, residential, labor, pro, professional, fixing, cabinetry, carpenters, repair, repairing, appliances, best selling, business cards,

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