Girly Diamond Animal Print iPhone 5 Case

Photo image of animal print; zebra, cheetah in pink and black and white, decorated with diamond stripes
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Wild hearts Bag

26 of these Wild hearts Bag were sold. (via)

Girly, modern pattern with animal print ( leopard, cheetah, giraffe, zebra ) hearts. Cute, girly and fun. You can change color of the background and add your name. Continue reading

Jungle Fun Stamp

Jungle animals are super fun with adorable lions, monkeys, giraffes and a baby elephant. Nature is for animal lovers in this adorable print and gifts. Shop for personalized jungle animals, nature and baby gifts at: Wild Jungle Animals and Personalized Gifts

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Woodland Animals Custom Birthday Invitation

All the woodland creatures are helping to make your child's birthday a fun time! These cute woodland animals theme birthday invitations are easy to customize with your child's party info, and feature cute animals including a deer, bear, beaver, skunk, and squirrel!
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