Cute Vintage Squirrels Reading Books Post Cards

Friendly, adorable squirrels hang out reading their favorite books surrounded by cute mushrooms. So I guess they're not bookworms, but book squirrels! Whimsical vintage art is a simple black and white line drawing with a bit of red that looks as if a child could have drawn it. Perfect, unique gift idea for teachers, kids, writers, librarians, bookworms, etc.
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book junkie button

Perfect for book lovers.

product tags: literary, writer, funny, writing, nanowrimo, nano, novel, novelist, library, librarian, books, book, read, libraries, bookworm, bookstores, fictional, character, author, junkie, buttons,

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Fun Authors Pattern Postage Stamp

Read all about it. Authors will love this text design all about the wonders of writing. Get inspired with this fun design today. So go forth and let everyone know you love being a writer!
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