TURTLE Baby Shower Once Upon a Pond round sticker

Featuring a mommy turtle lovingly kissing her newborn baby turtle on the head. Other cute animals include an adorable flamingo, a frog (froggy/froggie), a cute butterfly and a little chick (bird/birdie/chickie). In different shades of tropical pink and orange/peach. This item also matches MonkeyHutDesigns' other TURTLE Baby Shower OUP items. This round sticker, available in 2 sizes, coordinates with any girly pond theme. It's perfect for stickers, favor tags, envelope seals, etc.

product tags: baby, shower, party, seal, favor, girl, pond, turtle, butterfly, green, frog, froggy, froggie, orange, peach, floral, hawaiian, hibiscus, crib, bedding, set, nursery, once, upon, oup, once upon a pond,