Vintage Peacock Woman Flapper Poster

Vintage woman Flapper and Peacock Advertising “Holeproof Hoisery” What a wonderful illustration of a 1922 flapper lady with very long legs. She's dressed in her flapper slip, just barely dressed, and looking down at her legs. She's wearing glamorous black stockings, and she looks mighty pleased with them. The vintage flapper undergarments are wonderfully illustrated, and she's dressed all in black, as if she's in the middle of dressing up for a night on the town in her vintage flapper attire. The background is in the shape of a shield, decorated with a beautifully colored peacock, in blues, greens, purples, and yellows. In all, this flapper and peacock is one of the most stunning paintings we've seen of flapper woman. About the Flapper and the Peacock We found this wonderful vintage advertisement in the 1922 American Magazine, on the inside front cover. The woman is in flapper underwear, and she's advertising “holeproof hosiery,” from the Holeprrof Hosiery Company in Milwaukee. “Holeproof is the hosiery of lustrous beauty and fine texture that wears so well,” the vintage ad says. A stunner of an ad that celebrated the 1922 modern woman, it must have cost the company quite a bit of money for such a well-done illustration and the best placement in American Magazine. Typical of the day, the flapper woman is wearing flapper undergarments – a black slip and stockings – to suit a short skirt and a flapper style dress. Flappers were the new breed of women who were young and outrageous in the 1920s. Flappers were outrageous — the woman of the 1920s wore short skirts, wore their hair in bobs, and listened to jazz music. They wore lots of makeup, smoked, drank, and drove cars. Please see more beautiful Victorian illustrated gifts at, and for some fun gifts, see

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