Visit the Aquarium – WPA Poster – Post Cards

Poster promoting aquariums as places to visit, showing jellyfish. This is a reproduction and has been edited and digitally enhanced to repair flaws, major stains, etcetera. Options such as border sizes, background and border colors, and certain text may be edited and changed if you like. Just click the customize button. This image has been edited to adjust for age and discoloration, and to repair any major defects. The images are reproduced here from very high resolution files, so you can be confident that the quality will remain the best. The images have been edited and cleaned up. Image courtesy of Visit their Blog or their Gallery to find thousands of other free images and maps from public domain sources. Old Book Art is supported by: . The Works Progress Administration (WPA) was part of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's (FDR's) New Deal during the Great Depression and WWII. These posters were part of an effort to both support the arts and to promote various community goals such as tourism, travel, the theater, music, zoos, workplace safety, worker training and job skills, health, education, youth activities and regional promotion. Archived and published in its raw form by the LOC Work Projects Administration Poster Collection, these are all public domain images, as they were created either by the US Government or by a government employee as part of his or her official duties. No known restrictions on publication exist. While freely available from the LOC archives, the images here have been edited and cleaned up to make them more presentable for publication.

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